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Both Google and Apple recently presented their new product roadmaps. Android M and iOS 9 are around the corner with a host of exciting features. We're hard at work and looking to see what to focus on first, and we want to hear from you.

You can select your 5 most-wanted iOS and Android features via this survey:

Please use this thread for feature requests that are missing from the survey or any other comments that help us in prioritizing the implementation roadmap.

2015, June 10th by Fokke in Q&A 2015


  • @Fokke Nice topic Fokke! Exactly what I was looking for...
    Thank you =)

    2015, June 10th by chmiiller
  • @Fokke I think multi-tasking is a 100% must. Apps that don't support this will IMHO be looked down on. Search will be powerful, but if appc does not implement would be easy to do in a module by the community.

    WatchKit I think you mean the new WatchOS SDK? This I think is a must from an SDK standpoint as a module cant really do what needs to be done here. Same goes for swift support.

    On the android side of things, Permissions, App Linking, and data backup are all must haves in core. The rest, again, can be easily done via modules by the community.

    2015, June 10th by Matthew31
  • In short. If it can be done in a module, let the community do it. If not, then it should 100% be added no questions asked :)

    2015, June 10th by Matthew31
  • @Matthew31 I do mean WatchKit Extensions as all WatchOS 2 does is simply moving the extension from living on WatchOS 2 instead of in the app on the iPhone. From what I've read i doesn't seem to have much implications on how you develop and package it now. And indeed, since it's mainly a Titanium build process thing, it cannot be done in a module, though, maybe... a CLI hook would work. Anyway, I believe we have that one nailed almost. That is, for linking an existing extension made in Xcode, not doing one in JS. That requires more fundamental changes to the SDK that are also related to what needs to be done for other types of extensions.

    App linking and data backup is already supported since those changes can be done in tiapp.xml and XML in the platform folder. Permission checking and requesting should be fairly simple.

    2015, June 10th by Fokke
  • @Fokke I'd like to see more thorough support for Android's material design first. We still have no view shadow / elevation property support and there's still no decent solution for including native drawer components.

    The elevation property would be particularly welcome as it's a key design device in material design (floating action buttons etc.).

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @Matthew31 the last I checked there were still issues with that. Despite the great work people are doing on it, I don't think it's production ready. Plus I don't see why it isn't part of the Ti SDK already.

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @Matthew31 I'm not sure I entirely agree with that. I think not having to get involved in native land is one of Titanium's biggest attractions.

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @admin44 Please check JIRA on those particular requests about Material features and open a ticket if there is none. Best to keep the tickets small and contained and of course PRs are welcome.

    2015, June 10th by Fokke
  • @Matthew31 @admin44 I have been using ti.drawerlayout with no issues at all in production.

    2015, June 10th by Fokke
  • There's already tickets for both features I mentioned: for the drawer has been open since 2013. for Android view shadows has been open since July 2014. Admittedly the latter looks like it is currently being worked on.

    My point is that new & shiny is great but I'd rather see a push to catch up on stuff that's slipped through the cracks like the two points I mentioned.

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @admin44 said:

    @Matthew31 the last I checked there were still issues with that. Despite the great work people are doing on it, I don't think it's production ready. Plus I don't see why it isn't part of the Ti SDK already.

    This is probably the wrong topic to discuss ti.drawerlayout but if you have any issue with the module please let me know on github. There are some todo's, I know, but there should not be a serious bug holding you back from production use.

    2015, June 10th by manumaticx
  • @Fokke I think Multitasking features are very powerful and we should surely implement them.

    I also think there should be a big focus on all the Kit's: Watch/Home/Health/Cloud.

    2015, June 10th by Wraldpyk
  • @Fokke Would like to see multi tasking but highest on our list would be the search app content in spotlight.

    2015, June 10th by mwilliamson
  • @manumaticx said:

    @admin44 said:

    @Matthew31 the last I checked there were still issues with that. Despite the great work people are doing on it, I don't think it's production ready. Plus I don't see why it isn't part of the Ti SDK already.

    This is probably the wrong topic to discuss ti.drawerlayout but if you have any issue with the module please let me know on github. There are some todo's, I know, but there should not be a serious bug holding you back from production use.

    I appreciate you've been working hard on ti.drawerlayout and I noticed the issue with MapViews seems to be resolved now, which is great.

    The point I'm trying to make though is that Android components still don't enjoy the breath of support that iOS does in Titanium.

    Proper material design ie. native CardViews, elevation, floating action buttons etc. is still not supported by Titanium, despite it being available to native developers for nearly a year now.

    I find myself increasingly having to tell my boss: "Sorry, you can't do that in Titanium" and I don't think that's a great place to be.

    The more time I spend hacking away at native modules to monkey patch native API support, the more I wonder why I'm not just building these apps natively...

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @Fokke The following I think are critical, as they are mostly core OS features that all native apps will or should support soon. Titanium needs these:

    • iOS:
      • Multitasking
      • App thinning
      • All in your Other category: asset catalog, storyboards, etc.
    • Android:
      • Runtime permission checks!
      • Full Material support
      • App linking
      • Authentication -- how about at least supporting the basic Google Identity services that have been out for years, yet still unsupported in Ti?

    I'd like to see voice actions, too. Though, I'll leave it separate from my "critical, core" list. Most of your "Old" (now "Pre-iOS9") should be implemented as modules sooner rather than later, especially Swift support.

    2015, June 10th by skypanther
  • @Fokke Oh and some sort of Android Wear support would be great. Jira ticket: TIMOB-17234

    2015, June 10th by Terry Morgan
  • @Fokke Swift support. And..... where is BT/BLE ?

    Also a suggestion perhaps this whole topic would be better as some form of survey where the topics could be ranked by number. I think this subject on here will get very untidy very quickly and make it difficult to collate all the responses.

    2015, June 11th by sarmcon
  • @sarmcon Thanks. There will be a broader survey in the next week.

    2015, June 11th by Fokke
    • Code a Xcode WatchKit Extension in Titanium
    • Code a Android Wear app in Titanium
    2015, June 11th by olive
  • @Fokke +1 for App-Slicing. Ideally, this would be implemented for android aswell to create separate APKs per architecture. Google Play long supports this and appsize is quite important for Android..

    2015, June 12th by Bolle
  • The new Safari View Controller will help all of us using webviews to display web content.

    2015, June 12th by jdanthinne
  • @FokkeZB Great. Make it support the tint option and that will be perfect!

    2015, June 15th by jdanthinne
  • @Matthew31 Don't know how this guy is so damn fast =)

    2015, June 17th by chmiiller
  • @jdanthinne Looks like a great feature and I don't think we have a JIRA ticket for that yet. Go ahead and create one.

    2015, June 26th by Fokke
  • @Fokke thanks for everyone who has participated in this survey. We will use your valuable input in our iOS and Android planning meetings. You can find the results here:

    2015, June 29th by Fokke
  • @Fokke Very happy with the results =)

    2015, June 30th by chmiiller
  • @Fokke are there any plans related to the localisation support announced? We have a multi-language app and are very interested in the Right to Left layout advances so as to support languages like Arabic. Seems like iOS 9 will mean we get a lot of this for free - although it depends on how the layout is implemented.

    2015, July 3rd by chrisfield
  • @chrisfield I think that depends on Apple's auto layout and we're not using that for Titanium. I'd suggest you create a JIRA ticket and refer to Apple's guide asking for Titanium implementation of these concepts.

    2015, July 4th by Fokke
  • @Fokke can you sort out the q&a search "FIRST" :)


    2015, July 4th by ade
  • @ade What's the problem with that?

    2015, July 4th by Fokke
  • @Fokke iCloud support would be definitely cool!

    2015, July 14th by sebastian.klaus
  • @Fokke Yepp... that's from me and it's not working for what I really mean with iCloud support ;)

    What I mean is to up- and download files from iCloud to get some kind of synchronization working. For now I'm using which is very comfortable to use.

    But maybe an own SDK module would be advantageous.

    BTW: See you on the Titanium meetup in Hamburg on August, 19th?

    2015, July 21st by sebastian.klaus
  • @sebastian.klaus You mean you'd like to see an Appcelerator version of that 3rd party module? We don't have plans for that as our policy is to keep the core small and offer a (soon renewed) module infrastructure rather then building all ourself.

    Yes, see you there!

    2015, August 12th by Fokke
  • @Fokke Could you elaborate on what the renewed module infrastructure brings to the table? Will it make it easier to hook into native modules? I do understand the idea of a small core, but I have always wondered why Appc didn't cherry-pick the best open source modules, instead of implementing self-written, and sometimes poor performing code.
    I personally really miss some focus on the UI part and also the performance here of. Something like what fusetools is doing when showcasing their demos. It would be great to see a lot more in the lines of what Martin Gillion did with CollectionView or parallax effect . As I can see in your comment on the parallax video, you at least agree, but Appc didn't. So now has his own Titanium branch which is too inaccessible by the common Ti-developer.
    I guess there is a paradox in relying on the Ti-community to provide enough quality native modules, since the majority of the community (I think) chose to use to use Appcelerator because they are skilled in web/Javascript, and not Objective-C or Java. There is a lot of Alloy modules, and a lot of drawer layout modules yes, but that just doesn't cut it if we wan't to showcase apps, that are on par with apps developed directly in Java and Objective-C.

    2015, September 8th by f893999e-507e-4506-aa8d-afb1f739931f
  • @f893999e-507e-4506-aa8d-afb1f739931f What I mean is that we're building a new version of based on

    There's a difference between maintaining a single-man-fork and doing extensive QE for a product that huge enterprises rely on for their business. We try to work with anyone that contributes to the SDK via JIRA/PR but sometimes it just doesn't work out, in this case in part because the fork had too many dependent changes to it.

    Fortunately we do have some very skilled Obj-C/Java developers in the community but I agree on the paradox.

    2015, September 9th by Fokke
  • @Terry-Morgan said:


    1. Left slider/Right slider menu.
    2. Floating Button for sure for both iOS and Android